WWE 2K15

The PC version of this wrestling game features a large roster, finishing moves and character modes

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WWE 2K15 is a wrestling game that came out for consoles and is now available for computers. Fans of the WWE will get a kick out of playing as many of their favorite wrestlers. Though the game does not come with all the top names in the industry, it does feature many current and older wrestlers. You can play as one of 75 wrestlers. The game also comes with some characters based on wrestlers not featured in previous editions, including Lana and Cameron.

One of the top ways to play is in the 2K Showcase. Also called Showcase mode, this includes more than 30 matches that you can play. It asks you to pick between two of the top rivalries in the history of wrestling. You can complete matches and challenges relating to the rivalry between Shawn Michaels and Triple H or the rivalry between CM Punk and John Cena. Once you pick a rivalry, the game will show you some cut scenes that talk about those matches before letting you play.

WWE 2K15 also comes with a MyCareer mode, though most players simply call this Career mode. Career mode is the heart of the game and the feature that most look forward to playing. You actually have the chance to build your own wrestler from the ground up and compete against others in the ring. The game lets you pick everything from your character's hair and eye colors to what the wrestler wears.

One of the unique features within the Career mode is that it lets you decide on the type of wrestler you want to be. You can make your character a heel, who is someone who is a villain and doesn't follow the rules, or you can become a fan favorite like John Cena. You start out wrestling in smaller matches and slowly work your way up to the big leagues. The game actually goes 15 years in the future based on how you play.

Console versions of this game came with DLC packs, and the developers give you access to all those packs with this version. Those packs let you play as The Ultimate Warrior and give you a brand new rivalry to play. While some of the characters look outdated and certain moves are hard to perform, WWE 2K15 is a must have game for any wrestling fan.


  • Features lots of WWE superstar wrestlers
  • Has a Career mode and a Showcase mode for playing on your own
  • Comes with a multiplayer mode for playing online
  • Includes all the DLC packs available for the console version
  • Great game for fans of the WWE


  • Doesn't come with all the top wrestlers
  • Some characters look pretty outdated
  • Lacks the story creator feature found in other WWE games
  • Certain moves are very hard to perform
  • Some features of the game aren't suitable for younger audiences

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